From Trauma to Trust: Abused Dog Finds Comfort and Healing in Soothing Bath

If anyone deserves a warm, relaxing bath, it’s Rudy the Pit Bull. He arrived at a New York City shelter last November after being found dumped in a plastic bucket in horrible shape.

He barely had any fur and his skin was riddled with deep wounds likely from being burned with battery acid and several ƈigareƗƗe burns.

rudy pit bull gets healing bath
He also could not walk because of a severely broken front leg. To add to his already horrible condition, he has Cushings Disease that went untreated.

The city shelter called the Northeast chapter of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) for help and their director, Courtney Bellew rescued him.

Although, Courtney is used to caring for critically injured animals, seeing Rudy broke her heart. She told the Huffington Post that his front leg was in such bad shape, she refused to photograph it.

rudy pit bull gets healing bath 1
Rudy was traumatized emotionally as well. “It is a miracle this broken boy survived,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Other than being completely terrified and unsure of a kind human hand, Rudy was grateful and nothing but a lovebug from the minute we rescued him.”



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