A Woman’s Heart Was Filled With Sorrow After She Spotted A Frightened Pup Tied To A Crate

Snuggling with their parents and feeling loved is what all dogs long for. It is how they picture happiness.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of abandoned pups who end up robbed of the love that all dogs deserve. Instead of beaming with happiness, the dogs’ eyes tell stories of sadness in their hearts.

Explorer’s eyes spoke of his hurt feelings and his sorrow after he found himself tied to a crate and dumped at a park.

The precious dog was left confused, and he kept looking at the ground with a dejected look on his face.

A Heartbreaking Scene

Tiffany Maki, a former dog rescuer, was about to leave the park with her pups when she saw a little pooch sitting in the grass at the entrance.

Once she noticed that the dog was all alone and tied to a folded crate, Maki felt saddened.

Since he wasn’t there when she arrived, Maki realized that the pooch was dumped while she and her canines were playing in the park.

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